Alessandra Toso is a Post-Doc Reseracher at the University of Udine in the Catalysis for Energy and Environment Group. She graduated in Process and Materials Engineering at the University of Trieste, after a short traineeship at Lima Corporate (Villanova). During the training, she worked on the synthesis and characterization of polymer-drug system for biomedical applications.
During PhD, she worked in the research project “Three-way catalyst materials for compressed natural gas vehicles” with Ford Motor Company of Dearborn (USA), to study methane abatement catalysts for automotive applications.
Pollutants abatement and the valorization of CO2 are her main scientific interests, thanks also to the the several collaborations with industrial partners. Her current work is focused on the charaterization and testing of materials as potential oxidation catalysts for the abatement of noxious compounds and in the scale up of methane oxidation catalysts.