Catalysis for energy

The redox and electronic properties of non-stoichiometric oxides such as CeO2, metal transition oxides, perovskites are relevant not only in catalysis but also in the development of materials and devices for energy applications. The group’s research focuses on studying the relationships between catalytic, redox and electronic properties of different classes of oxides to develop electrochemical energy conversion systems (solid oxides fuel cells and solid electrochemical cells). In addition, we study materials and processes to produce green H2 from renewable resources (solar, biogas) and for its use in the decarbonisation of industrial sectors and in the production of biofuels. The fundamentals of catalytic and electrochemical processes and the properties of materials for a concrete innovation of energy systems are studied with an interdisciplinary approach through close cooperation with other national and international research groups (Polytechnic of Turin, Polytechnic of Milan, Massachussetts Institute of Technology, Boston, USA).

Selected publications

Insights into the Redox Behaviour of Pr0.5Ba0.5MnO3-d Derived Perovskites for CO2 Valorization Technologies

A. Felli, S. Mauri, M. Marelli, P. Torelli, A. Trovarelli, M. Boaro
ACS Appl. Energy Materials, 5 (2022) 6687-6699.

Insights on the Interfacial Processes Involved in the Mechanical and Redox Stability of the BaCe0.65Zr0.20Y0.15O3-d-Ce0.85Gd0.15O2-d Composite

C. Mortalò, M. Boaro, E. Rebollo, V. Zin, E. Aneggi, M. Fabrizio, A. Trovarelli
ACS Appl. Energy Materials, 3 (2020) 9877-9888.

NiO-Ni/CNT as an Efficient Hydrogen Electrode Catalyst for a Unitized Regenerative Alkaline Microfluidic Cell

C.A. Campos-Roldán, L. Calvillo, M. Boaro, R. De Guadalupe González-Huerta, G. Granozzi, N. Alonso-Vante.
ACS Appl. Energy Materials, 3 (2020) 4746-4755.

Assessment of integration of methane-reduced ceria chemical looping CO2/H2O splitting cycle to an oxy-fired power plant

A. Farooqui, A. Bose, M. Boaro, J. Llorca, M. Santarelli
Int. J. Hydrogen Ener., 45 (2020) 6184-6206.

New Insights into the Dynamics that Control the Activity of Ceria-Zirconia Solid Solutions in Thermochemical Water Splitting Cycles

A. Pappacena, M. Rancan, L.  Armelao, J.  Llorca, W. Ge, B.  Ye, A. Lucotti, A. Trovarelli, M.  Boaro
J. Phys. Chem. C, 121 (2017) 17746-17755.

Infiltration, overpotential and ageing effects on cathodes for solid oxide fuel cells: La0.6Sr0.4Co0.2Fe0.8O3-δ versus Ba0.5Sr0.5Co0.8Fe0.2O3-δ

A. Giuliano, M.P.  Carpanese, D. Clematis, M. Boaro, A. Pappacena, F. Deganello, L.F. Liotta, A. Barbucci
J. Electrochem. Soc., 164 (2017) F3114-F3122.

Structural and electrocatalytic properties of molten core Sn@SnOx nanoparticles on ceria

L. Bardini, A. Pappacena, M. Dominguez-Escalante, J. Llorca, M. Boaro, A. Trovarelli
Appl. Catal, B: Environ., 197 (2016) 254-261.