Catalyst synthesis

There are several options to obtain an active catalyst, but whichever you choose you should be aware that all the preparation steps have a great influence on the final result. It is thus important to design accurately the synthesis procedure, taking care of both the catalyst desired properties and the scalability and sustainability of the whole preparation process. Beside the conventional synthesis routes (e.g. impregnation, precipitation etc), in our group we are now involved in the study of the mechanochemical synthesis for the deposition of metals onto the surface and subsurface of oxide carriers, and in the preparation of thermally stable high surface area supports. Both topics are of great interest in light of an increased interaction between the active phase and the support and of an enhanced catalytic activity. The fine tuning of all the synthesis steps is achieved by the continuous feedback coming from the catalyst characterization and from selected catalytic tests.

Selected publications

Structural Evolution of Bimetallic PtPd/CeO2 Methane Oxidation Catalysts Prepared by Dry Milling

A. Mussio, M. Danielis, N.J. Divins, J. Llorca, S. Colussi, A. Trovarelli
ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 13 (2021) 31614-31623.


The effect of milling parameters on the mechanochemical synthesis of Pd-CeO2 methane oxidation catalysts

M. Danielis, S. Colussi, C. de Leitenburg, L. Soler, J. Llorca, A. Trovarelli
Catal. Sci. Technol., 9 (2019) 4232.

Outstanding Methane Oxidation Performance of Pd-Embedded Ceria Catalysts Prepared by a One-step Dry Ball-Milling Method

M. Danielis, S. Colussi, C. de Leitenburg, J. Llorca, L. Soler, A. Trovarelli
Angew. Chem. Int. Edit., 57 (2018) 10212-10216.

High stability and activity of solution combustion synthesized Pd-based catalysts for methane combustion in presence of water

A. Toso, S. Colussi, S. Padigapaty, C. de Leitenburg, A. Trovarelli
Appl. Catal. B, 230 (2018) 237-245.

Combustion synthesized copper-ion substituted FeAl2O4 (Cu0.1Fe0.9Al2O4): A superior catalyst for methanol steam reforming compared to its impregnated analogue

S. Maiti, J. Llorca, M. Dominguez, S. Colussi, A. Trovarelli, K.R. Priolkar, G. Aquilanti, A. Gayen
J. Power Sources, 304 (2016) 319-331.

Catalysts Based on Pd/CeO2 and Preparation Method Thereof

S. Colussi , M. Danielis , J. Llorca, A.Toso, A. Trovarelli
WO2018235032A1 (2018)

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